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  • "Our bidding production has gone up 120% since we started working with Iron Mason and our volume has gone up 80%."
    Harold Miller, Miller Masonry
  • "As an owner, you are always worried about the accuracy of the bids you are sending out. I don't have that worry anymore because of the level of detail that Iron Mason gives me."
    Fred Santucci, Santucci Masonry
  • Our estimates were all over the board. Sometimes we would make 80%, sometimes we would loose 50%, just up and down. Now we always show a profit, and it’s consistent which is the best thing for any contracting firm.
    Tom Idler, TI Construction
  • The 3D portion of their estimate is the BEST! I can show it to my foreman and he can stage the entire project in minutes. I also use it to present to our General Contracting clients and they love it. It helped me close a lot more work.
    Seth McMahon, McMahon Masonry
  • The ability to KNOW your bid is accurate is invaluable in business planning. Iron Mason is the best.
    Jimmy Garcia, G2 Builders
  • Their customer service is the best. They really care about every detail and are willing to work whatever hours are necessary to help you make your tough bid deadlines. We have an addenda come out at 5 PM and they stayed all night to make the changes so we could turn in a bid the next morning at 10 AM. We got that job, and it happened to be our largest and most profitable job to date! - $4.6 Million dollars.
    Erv Goldstein, Sunset Masonry